the neighbours

Sadly when I went to see the neighbour he was busy as another neighbour had just got there before me..well there’s always time!

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the first scary day

As someone who travels with hand luggage only it was very hard to have my usual load plus a 23kg case and a cello. I alternated by wondering how I would manage it all and how I would live for a year with only that amount of stuff. I am going to have to learn Italian quickly or else stay dumb for a year and that will be no fun as the conversation at the table is passing me by at the moment!

My thoughts when I arrived at Piazza Santa Cecilia are probably not repeatable but drawing on Maria von Trapp I thought “I have confidence….” and rang the bell. I was welcomed by an English nun who rather worriedly said “I don’t suppose you speak German?” When I acknowledged I could I had to negotiate the arrival of an organ with Herr Fritz!! Not what I expected..but as I am not sure what i did expect it all added to the surreal nature of things.

On being taken to my room (very nice too…overlooks a big courtyard) by some Harry Potter looking steps (though they don’t move) I wondered if I’d ever be allowed out again. Someone came to my rescue and introduced me to a lot more steps. I even found my way to a third and a fourth set this may be that i get fit, though just now I feel totally had it!

I look forward to getting into the music..choir practice begins tonight and everything starts properly on Monday so for now it is nice to acclimatise and walk around locally.

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Nearly there

two days from now and I’ll be on the plane…office still looks like a tip but I am asured that it’s only a superficial mess

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